News about KDE & Gnome

Lately I blogged much more about KDE than about Gnome. Maybe because I use KDE on my PC and not Gnome (which does not mean that I’m VERY happy
to see Gnome being successful).

Now this entry contains information about KDE… BUT Gnome too. So… be informed.

One step forward: a review of GNOME 2.22

gnome logoThis article will examine many of the new features and programs included in GNOME 2.22 and illuminate how the changes and improvements impact the overall user experience. We will also provide some insight into some of the new architectural features and demonstrate how they can be leveraged by third-party software developers.

ArsTechnica has an detailed report about the new Gnome release.


Interview: Aaron Seigo, KDE Project Lead

KDE logoIn a nutshell: KDE has grown up in just about every way imaginable in the years I’ve had the pleasure and privelege of being a contributor. The successful maturation of the project is certainly one indicator of its success, and the fact that it has done this while the active leadership has gone through a couple of generations shows that this likely to continue on.
If anything defines KDE, it is the deep internalization of the values and goals of the group within every corner and sub-project. has an interview with Aaron Seigo about the development of KDE and especially KDE 4.X



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