Too Much about Hate, Not Enough about Pride

With a negative identity, you tend to focus on whatever defines you so intensely that you overlook other things that are equally important, (…). Even more importantly, you are unable to see yourself or your accomplishments clearly. Self-knowledge and an integrated personality remain beyond your reach, because, instead of taking pride in your accomplishments, you are forever distracted by establishing what you are not, rather than on what you are.

This is what Bruce Byfield is telling on an article on He states that focusing on hating Microsoft does not a good job for the free software community.

Think about it: Starting from nothing, the free software community has achieved the impossible, confounding all sorts of expectations. In doing so, it has not only changed the way that business is done, but empowered millions, combining technological and social change in a way that has never been seen before. These accomplishments, I suggest, are long overdue for acknowledgment and celebration. We hear too much about hate, and not nearly enough about pride.



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One Response to “Too Much about Hate, Not Enough about Pride”

  1. proxxi Says:

    “Die Utopie liegt wesentlich in der bestimmten Negation” (Adorno).

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