Irony in action…

Right now Im sitting in the Ljubljana Park Hotel Lobby on a free Internet Station (sadly I can only use Internet Explorer). Some of you may ask, why the hell am i doing this on 11pm?
Why am I not going out with some of the others? The answer… I decided to go to bed early because I will have to get up at 7 o clock.
Next question: So why am I not in my bed? Answert: I.T.

The Park Hotel is using plastic cards (like credit cards) instead of normal keys. And of couse… the locks on the doors have BATTERIES (which genius decided to use locks which inevitable will be unusable after time.
And yeah, you might guess, my lock has a weak battery and so I cant access my room. Damn!

The Hotel DOES have a master key card.. which doesnt help anything with empty battery locks. So Im sitting and waiting for someone who will be able to get the battery changed.

And the irony? A perfect case study for an I.T. student.


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2 Responses to “Irony in action…”

  1. 1 Tag Ljubljana « Wut im Bauch… Says:

    […] Tag Ljubljana Nachdem ich sowieso etwas Zeit totschlagen muss (siehe Irony in Action) nutze ich diese um einfach mal so zu schreiben ich heute erlebt habe und was wohl die naechsten […]

  2. proxxi Says:

    Ah, thats where you are…
    Hope you could access the door by now.
    nieder mit IT! 🙂

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