The race to idle

Modern CPUs are great. They have all sorts of advanced power saving features, which is one of those nice cases where everyone can save money, gain performance and claim environmental credentials at the same time. Everyone’s a winner.

Well. Everyone’s a winner as long as your software doesn’t suck.

Matthew Garret talks about the current state of power saving abilities of modern CPU’s and how software is trying everything to make things worse.

Some people write software that lets you choose different power profiles depending on whether you’re on AC or battery. Typically, one of the choices lets you reduce the speed of your processor when you’re on battery. This is bad. It is wrong.
The people who implement these programs are dangerous. Do not listen to them. Do not endorse their product and/or newsletter. Do not allow your eldest child to engage in conjugal acts with them.
Failure to do so will result in me setting you on fire[4].



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