the social web browser

Only short after the release of the brand new Firefox 3, Flock 2 beta has been released.

Flock is an intriguing new “social web browser” that is designed not just as a portal to the web, but to your friends’ lives and the online communities where we share many of today’s experiences. [more]



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6 Responses to “the social web browser”

  1. reganfletcher Says:

    Hi Stefon. If you enjoyed using Flock I’d invite you to test the new Yoono. All the social media connectivity of Flock without switching to a new browser. Yoono works in Firefox or IE.

  2. stefon Says:

    Yoono supports only firefox 2 @moment so sadly not very useful for me..

  3. Laurent Quérel Says:

    Hi Stefon, Yoono supports FF2, FF3 and FF3.5. Dont’ hesitate to tell me if there is an issue with FF3 on your computer.

    • stefon Says:

      my fault, sorry. I’m using Iceweasel which is a rebranded version of firefox in debian. This is because of copy right problems with firefox.
      yoono is not recognizing iceweasel as a compatible browser (i’m using iceweasel 3.0.09 which is in fact like firefox 3.0.9).
      More about this matter:

      • xavier Says:

        Hey Stefon,

        I’m writing this answer using Iceweasel, and I’ve got the Yoono sidebar opened on the left, and all is okay. Did you try to install it from Mozilla Add-ons repository ? There is no compatibility issue for me.
        My release is 3.0.6, but I don’t think they changed the application UID in 3.0.9, that would break everything. I’ll try to get it though

      • stefon Says:

        I can install yoono in iceweasel during mozilla addons, but not through the official yoono homepage

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