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October 28, 2008

A drum+bass powered all-out AV assault on an American media machine now in psychotic overdrive for the Presidential election. A 10000-frame crash edit comedy celebration of the blatant corruption, warmongering, florid insanity and plain good old smelly bullshit that characterises the cultural landscape of the world’s most confused country. 21st century satire is alive and well.


A new approach to unit tests

October 26, 2008

There is an article on  the Legolas in Minas Tirith blog which is about Unit Testing. The posting state that Unit Testing (in the form of JUnit or TestNG) is kind of flawed because it tests implementations of an interface.
So if you create a new implementation of the interface, you have to create a new test.

So the suggestion is to talk something from Design By Contract and connect it with Unit Testing. So Unit Testing is concerned with testing the Contract definied by an interface. So every implementation has to fullfill the contract of the interface.

With TestedBy, tests declared on an interface (or a superclass) can be run upon all implementers to verify they’re respecting the behaviour and contract defined in the super type. IOW the API designer not only provides the interfaces, but also a set of test classes verifying expected behaviour. Then every implementer would supply its own implementation and run the tests provided by the API designer against its concrete classes to verify they are respecting not only type safety but also beahviour/contract safety for which the API was designed. TesteBy here invokes a test defined for an interface passing to test class a concrete instance of class implementing the interface under test.

More on this topic can be read in A new approach to unit tests.

Rap about Wall Street Greed and Depression Economics

October 25, 2008

Today on Boing Boing tv, a music video about life and death in the New Depression: Mom and Pop Killer, by Bay Area “intelligent hip-hop” artist The Grouch.


When the Smoke Clearz

October 23, 2008

Over the past 20 years Hip Hop has evolved from the underground “CNN of the ghetto” to the biggest game in the record business. Yet, despite its socially conscious foundation, Hip Hop is now a multi-billion dollar industry; tightly controlled by a handful of record labels, a music video monopoly, and payola-ridden corporate radio. If there was ever a need for a reformer, the time is now.

So You Think You Can Be President

October 22, 2008

So You Think You Can Be President is a new hyper-reality television show where candidates compete in front of a live studio audience for American votes!

The pressure is on as contestants present their positions on a range of social and political issues then face the hard-hitting scrutiny of our panel of judges. The audience at home will delight as candidates are challenged in ways never seen before on the airwaves.

The mainstream media’s spectacle of American democracy reaches new heights but this time with a twist. Contestants on our program are in for a surprise: our panel of experts doesn’t exactly play by the prescribed rules of television. Unlike the corporate news media of today, which often coddles leading politicians, our judges grill each candidate on their policies with hilarious and unexpected results.

In this week’s episode only two weeks before the election, Senator Obama and Senator McCain have their feet held to the fire over shockingly similar positions on both energy and foreign policy.

Who will be this season’s champion and take home the grand prize? You’ll have to watch and decide that for yourself, then participate by casting your vote* for your favorite performer on November 4th!

*Some restrictions may apply. In certain areas these include, but are not limited to, faulty electronic voting systems, racist voter laws and/or voter roll purges. See your local polling place for details.

This is a political video mashup found on Rebellious Pixels.

Howto embedd videos from on

October 21, 2008

As far as know, unlike other short codes the values aren’t obvious how they relate to the videos, so the only way I’ve found is to ask Blip for it on a video’s permalink page. For example for
1. In the left sidebar click the orange Share and select Embed from the drop down.
2. Click the orange Show Player to Embed’s right and select from the drop down.
3. Click the green go! button
4. Copy and paste the generated short code into your blog post here on In my example the code I copied into my blog post is
[ ?posts_id=755336&dest=-1 ] (remove whitespace after/before the brackets)


25 Arguments for the Elimination of Copy Protection

October 20, 2008
Anti DRM Logo

Anti DRM Logo

Copy protection (also known in recent years as Digital Rights Management) just stinks. At its best, it creates minor but real inconveniences for the people who pay for stuff; at its worst, it badly screws up their experiences with the products they buy. Let’s just say it-the world would be better off without it.

Most of the best arguments against copy protection aren’t so much arguments as case studies. Over and over, it’s caused both anticipated and unanticipated problems. Including ones for the companies who use it.

So let’s review the case against copy protection by looking at what it’s done for us over the past 25 years or so. Warning: Persons whose blood boils easily should read no further…



October 20, 2008

Deserter‘ is the journey of Ryan and Jen Johnson – a deserting soldier and his young wife – as they flee across the country to seek refugee status over the Canadian border. As they move from safe house to safe house, we get to know Ryan and Jen – two, shy, small-town kids from the Central Valley who joined the military because there were no jobs, and find they must make a heroic stand in order to escape an illegal and immoral war. ‘Deserter’ is a political road movie with one of the few happy endings that this war has given us.

You can see the whole film in better quality in three parts by using miro and adding the Friendly Fire channel.

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You can also download the three parts
Part1 Part2 Part3

Presidential Election Ads

October 19, 2008

Green Porno

October 18, 2008

Isabella Rossellini‘s bizarre and hilarious look at sex in the natural world as she explores the mating habits of animals.

You can find more green pornos on the sundance channel.