What you can do for “Lenny”

You probably noticed by now, that Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 aka “Lenny” hasn’t been released in September. Well, that’s a shame, but very easy to explain: Too many release critical bugs

You can read this in an open letter from Alexander Reichle-Schmehl from the Debian project.

The big question is: What can you do, to help release “Lenny” at least in this quarter? That’s pretty easy: Fix rc-bugs, take care, that the fixed packages are migrated to “Lenny”, do upgrade tests, document problems in the release-notes. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

And he is not only talking about the help from developers. He also asks for help from users

  • If you are running stable (aka “Etch”), you could consider upgrading to “Lenny” and see, if everything works fine.
  • You can take a look at the bugs reported against the release notes and see if you can help there, e.g. by writing a paragraph describing a problem.
  • You can try to help, by trying to reproduce them [release critical bugs] and reporting that to the bug report. There are even some easy bugs, where the maintainer hasn’t found the time, yet to fix it. Bug 497290[5] for example didn’t need deep technical skills. It just needed someone with some time to collect the needed data for the copyright file.
  • If you speak a language other than English, you might consider joining the translation efforts. While it is to late to translate the debian-installer or the installation guide to a new language for “Lenny” (perhaps for the next release then?), you could start translating the release notes to a not yet supported language.

Detaisl about how to do one or more of this jobs can be found in the letter on lwn.net or in the blog entry of Alexander.

Source: Lwn.net


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