Howto embedd videos from on

As far as know, unlike other short codes the values aren’t obvious how they relate to the videos, so the only way I’ve found is to ask Blip for it on a video’s permalink page. For example for
1. In the left sidebar click the orange Share and select Embed from the drop down.
2. Click the orange Show Player to Embed’s right and select from the drop down.
3. Click the green go! button
4. Copy and paste the generated short code into your blog post here on In my example the code I copied into my blog post is
[ ?posts_id=755336&dest=-1 ] (remove whitespace after/before the brackets)



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3 Responses to “Howto embedd videos from on”

  1. Ronaldo Cardoso Says:

    Work on… thanks

  2. labDiariSeD Says:

    Stunning post, I did not thought reading it was going to be so awesome when I looked at your url!

  3. Craig Smith Says:

    Awesome, works like a charm, thanks…

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