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KDE year 2008 review

December 28, 2008

Aaron Seigo reviews the year 2008 in terms of KDE activities.

2008 will undoubtedly be remembered most often as the year we moved from the era of KDE3 into that of KDE4. The 4.0 release was made in January with an accompanying release event at Google’s HQ in California, USA. While 4.0 was a widely misunderstood release, it was also the release that set the pace for the rest of the year … and what a pace it was.

But he does not only looks backwards, he provides insight to the future of KDE

We’re still a technology project, of course, and 2009 will see the release of both 4.2 and 4.3. KDE 4.2 is already shaping up to be a truly remarkable release, quite possibly the best KDE we’ve ever put out there. KDE 4.3 will undoubtedly be yet another leap up the slope towards user interface greatness, and that should be happening right around the time of Akademy this year. Such timing!

Read about more details of the technical, the marketing and the art side of the year 2008 of KDE.


KDE 4.2 on lenny

December 23, 2008

Good news for those wanting to test KDE 4.2. Finally, we have decided to do a little experiment and provide snapshot packages of current KDE trunk (future KDE 4.2). provides a repository for this KDE 4.2 snapshot packages.

These snapshot packages are unsupported. If you have a problem with your system after (partially) installing the packages, you will most likely have to solve the problem by yourself.

More information and the repository URL can be found ony

I installed the packages, which was a little hairy, but not too complicated. Im rather happy with the outcome. Nice bleeding edge desktop effects, new features, … Downside: some plasma crashes (not that bad, it starts itselfs after some seconds).

So if you are an experienced debian user and you like to try the upcoming KDE 4.2. Try it.

I also blogged about a KDE 4.2 visual guide.

Update 14th February 2009: The kde 4.2 debian packages are now available in experimental. The additional repository isn’t necessary anymore.

Visual guide to KDE 4.2

December 22, 2008

A lot has happened in trunk since the release of KDE 4.1 in July. With 4.2 final just a little over one month away, now is the perfect time to look back and see if we have achieved our goals. I would like to try and start something here by writing an overview of what has happened in KWin over these past six months, if the developers of all the other KDE sub-teams also write one for their own projects we can have a nice little series produced.

I just insert some videos about nice new features. You can read the rest and watch more videos on Lucas Murray’s blog entry.

Source: Lucas Murray

Having fun with George Bush jun.

December 21, 2008


Pushed Again

December 19, 2008

Some years ago I listened to Pushed Again from Die Toten Hosen quite a lot. In the last week the song catched up with me and I searched the song on youtube. I didnt even know that the video is that good.

If programming languages were religions…

December 17, 2008

Perl would be Voodoo – An incomprehensible series of arcane incantations that involve the blood of goats and permanently corrupt your soul. Often used when your boss requires you to do an urgent task at 21:00 on friday night.

More of this can be found on Aegisub’s blog.

35 Days Against DRM: MacBook

December 13, 2008

Once again, Apple have pushed their DRM agenda even further, with the release of the latest revision of their MacBook laptop computers. The new MacBooks contain a hardware chip that prevents certain types of display being used, in an effort to plug the analog hole. 


Defective by Design: MacBook


Human Lobotomy

December 12, 2008

Inform yourself about Net Neutrality and tell everyone about it.

The(Girl) Geek Stands Alone

December 11, 2008

Imagine this scene from a comedy: a group of female friends sit around smoking a bowl and working on the Wikipedia page for Lord of the Rings. Their fashion sense is decidedly iconoclastic and several sport thick-rimmed glasses. Without a trace of self-consciousness, they have a hilariously ribald discussion on the relative traits of elves and orcs.

Awesome as it is, you’ll never see this scene onscreen. No mainstream movie or TV series would dare group so many female nerds together, or celebrate them so unabashedly.

The story is not the same for dorks with Y chromosomes, who are have recently ascended to It-boy status thanks to the success of a clutch of slacker-themed movies and the TV series Beauty and the Geek. Two new TV shows, Chuck and The Big Bang Theory, also feature geek-boy main characters paired (platonically, for the time being) with hot women. More than ever before, a man with an mind for useless trivia and a socially inept posse can charm nubile women and audiences alike.

A essay criticizing the role of geek women in media and in real world. Focusing on the reasons why geek men are getting fame and female geeks aren’t that popular.

Source: Sarah Seltzer