KDE 4.2 on lenny

Good news for those wanting to test KDE 4.2. Finally, we have decided to do a little experiment and provide snapshot packages of current KDE trunk (future KDE 4.2).

http://kde42.debian.net/ provides a repository for this KDE 4.2 snapshot packages.

These snapshot packages are unsupported. If you have a problem with your system after (partially) installing the packages, you will most likely have to solve the problem by yourself.

More information and the repository URL can be found ony http://kde42.debian.net/.

I installed the packages, which was a little hairy, but not too complicated. Im rather happy with the outcome. Nice bleeding edge desktop effects, new features, … Downside: some plasma crashes (not that bad, it starts itselfs after some seconds).

So if you are an experienced debian user and you like to try the upcoming KDE 4.2. Try it.

I also blogged about a KDE 4.2 visual guide.

Update 14th February 2009: The kde 4.2 debian packages are now available in experimental. The additional repository isn’t necessary anymore.


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One Response to “KDE 4.2 on lenny”

  1. Frank Says:

    Fantastic. Thanks for the link.

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