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iotop: simple top-like I/O monitor

June 26, 2009

iotop is a console application for monitoring the I/O usage of processes on your system. It is especially handy for answering the question “Grrr, sloooowness, why is my disk churning so much?”
iotop is available in Debian since Lenny and in Ubuntu (universe) since Intrepid.

Source: DebianTimes


The triumph of Linux as a supercomputer OS

June 25, 2009

Operating systems on supercomputers used to be custom-made affairs, but this has changed. These days, Linux has become a popular choice for supercomputers. But how popular? You may be surprised.

19 of the top 20 supercomputers in the world are running some form of Linux. That’s 95%! And if you just look at the top 10, ALL of them use Linux.

You can read the rest of the article on pingdom.

Introducing KDE 4 plasmoids

June 15, 2009

IBM’s developerWorks has an article about how to create a KDE plasmoid

KDE 4 includes many exciting new technologies, including Plasma, a feature that forms the desktop shell of KDE 4. See how to write simple Plasma applets (known as plasmoids) to greatly improve the desktop experience and how to turn a plasmoid into a simple memory monitor.

Source: IBM developerWorks

Google Chrome for Linux

June 14, 2009

After a long period of waiting Linux User have now the chance to test a beta version of Googles browser chrome.

You can download Google Chrome for ubuntu or debian 5 here.

Unix turns 40

June 6, 2009

Forty years ago this summer, a programmer sat down and knocked out in one month what would become one of the most important pieces of software ever created. has a nice article about the history and some prediction on the future of Unix.


Firefox 3.5 commercial

June 1, 2009

There is a Mozilla Firefox 3.5 commercial which is quite similar to a car commercial. I don’t like it that much. What do you think about it?