The end of the Iceweasel Age?

One of my most visited blogposts is the one explaining why there exists something called iceweasel the browser and summarizing the reasons why debian renamed firefox. Now there has been some new activities which I don’t want to hide from you.

For roughly the past decade, Debian has shipped the Mozilla desktop applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey) in a rebranded form that replaces the original, trademarked names and logos with alternatives (Iceweasel, Icedove, and Iceape). Originally, this effort was undertaken to work around incompatibilities between the Debian Free Software Guidelines (DFSG), the Mozilla trademark-usage policy, and the licenses of the Mozilla logos. But times—and policy wordings—change, and Debian now seems poised to resume calling its packages by the original, upstream Mozilla names.

So it seems that the iceweasel package some of you know and love may be gone in the future.


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One Response to “The end of the Iceweasel Age?”

  1. stefon Says:

    Update: Today after apt-get update/upgrade debian installed the firefox ESR version. iceweasel is gone.

    Paketaktualisierung (Upgrade) wird berechnet… Fertig
    Die folgenden NEUEN Pakete werden installiert:
    firefox-esr firefox-esr-l10n-de
    Die folgenden Pakete werden aktualisiert (Upgrade):
    iceweasel iceweasel-l10n-de

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