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KDE 4.3 plasma screencast

July 3, 2009

The KDE 4.3 Plasma screencast arrives! It’s 10:36 in length and covers some of the nice improvements we’ve in Plasmaland for 4.3

Aaron Seigo has created a screencast which can be download via bittorrent oder http.

Source: Aaron Seigos Blog


KDE year 2008 review

December 28, 2008

Aaron Seigo reviews the year 2008 in terms of KDE activities.

2008 will undoubtedly be remembered most often as the year we moved from the era of KDE3 into that of KDE4. The 4.0 release was made in January with an accompanying release event at Google’s HQ in California, USA. While 4.0 was a widely misunderstood release, it was also the release that set the pace for the rest of the year … and what a pace it was.

But he does not only looks backwards, he provides insight to the future of KDE

We’re still a technology project, of course, and 2009 will see the release of both 4.2 and 4.3. KDE 4.2 is already shaping up to be a truly remarkable release, quite possibly the best KDE we’ve ever put out there. KDE 4.3 will undoubtedly be yet another leap up the slope towards user interface greatness, and that should be happening right around the time of Akademy this year. Such timing!

Read about more details of the technical, the marketing and the art side of the year 2008 of KDE.

KDE weekly video show

November 23, 2008

Aaron Seigo started KDE weekly. Already there have been two live video shows.
He describes the concept of the show

It’s 55 minutes of material, which would give me 5 minutes of flexibility to keep it under an hour. I’m not sure if it’s too long, though, and I should keep it to 30 minutes instead. But I’m such a babbler that I could easily fill the hour. If I’m to do a weekly developer tutorial, then there’s no hope of a 30 minute episode. With the above schedule, though, you essentially get 25-30 minutes of “talk show”, 15 minutes of “town hall” and 15 minutes of “developer corner”. So it’s kind of 3 shows in one, when looked at that way. I might even record them as three separate segments, though back-to-back, so people can just watch the parts they are interested in. (Details)

Show 1 : Download via torrent
Show 2 : Download via torrent

KDE king Seigo talks life, free software and reinventing the desktop

February 6, 2008 has an intereresting interview with KDE developer Aaron J Seigo

Aaron J Seigo worries about client side software, thinks Plasma will challenge Flash, and Apple doesn’t understand the open source development model.