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Two cities united

October 15, 2008

Interview with Donald Knuth

April 27, 2008

If you are a progammer chances are good that you have heard something about Donald Knuth creator of the books The Art of Computer Progamming. has an interview with him.

Andrew Binstock and Donald Knuth converse on the success of open source, the problem with multicore architecture, the disappointing lack of interest in literate programming, the menace of reusable code, and that urban legend about winning a programming contest with a single compilation.


Drawn By Pain

March 9, 2008

As I’m exploring the countless video channels in miro, I have found a very interesting and fascinating one. Drawn By Pain

Taking online production to a new level, “Drawn by Pain” tells the story of a young woman pushed to the edge of insanity and the animated demons that are unleashed by her rage. A half-anime/half live-action series told in 12 parts, “Drawn by Pain” is created by a small passionate team of artists, all striving to bring a new and “never been done before” film series to the web.

The background music is thrilling and shivers will run down your spine. Which is quite astonishing in the web, which is populated by comedy.

Add Drawn by Pain in miro

You can also watch the episodes (in rather bad youtube quality) online.

Wikimedia Picture of the Year

January 29, 2008

The wikimedia community has voted for the best pictures in the year 2007.

number 1

Winners of the last year:

number 2