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Erich Gamma shares insight of Eclipse development

February 10, 2009

Erich Gamma shares the lessons learnt being deeply involved in the development of the Eclipse platform over the years. From being a platform in closed development, Eclipse turned into an open source one supported by a large and growing community. Erich also talked about Jazz, IBM’s software development platform which incorporates the lessons learnt from Eclipse.

You can find the video (1 hour) on


Using eclipse to develop KDE

July 24, 2008

Eclipse is not only a great IDE for java development. You can use the CDT plugin in eclipse to program c/c++ too.

Dennis Nienhüser explains how you can use eclipse to develop kde applications.

Things to enjoy:
Error and warning parser that will annotate faulty lines, a great indexer and content assistant, spell checking (that’s actually useful), gdb integration, doxygen assistant, Bugzilla integration (sadly not working with KDE Bugzilla), IRC integration (needs communication framework), Subversion support (needs subclipse/subversive), code formatting and a whole lot more.

Use Maven with eclipse 3.3 WTP

February 8, 2008

Today I struggled to configure maven, eclipse 3.3 and the Web Tools Platform (WTP) to work together in a nice way.

Luckily I found a blog entry which explains it!

Have fun with debugging in a maven webapp with wtp plugin.

wtf is OSGi?

December 16, 2007

If you are reading tech related sites you may remember articles about something like OSGi. Maybe you have even looked it up in wikipedia and read
something like this

The OSGi Alliance (formerly known as the Open Services Gateway initiative – now an obsolete name) is an open standards organization founded in March 1999. The Alliance and its members have specified a Java-based service platform that can be remotely managed. The core part of the specifications is a framework that defines an application life cycle model and a service registry. Based on this framework, a large number of OSGi Layers, APIs, and Services have been defined.

And nobody can shame you with shrug and ignore it. I did the same. But reading it more and more often I decided it was time to investigate what the hype was all about.
The first thing I learned was that the eclipse plugin system was bases on OSGi, which showed me that the system was robust and in use.

After searching on the web I found a great site with mini tutorials on OSGi.

The following is a list of links to my tutorial series Getting Started with OSGi which is currently running on EclipseZone.

Each of the 8 tutorials are about 20 minutes to do.. So great to learn what this is all about step by step.

There is even a webinar explaining the core concepts of OSGi and equinox (the eclipse implementation of the OSGi specifications) on

Having problems getting eclipse/maven/tomcat working together?

October 28, 2007

Some time again now I had problems to get eclipse, tomcat and maven working together nicely.
But after following the instruction on this blog entry I was helped a lot.

On the off chance that other people find this helpful, here’s how I set up Tally-Ho to work in Eclipse with the Sysdeo Tomcat plugin and Maven 2.