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How to add a new systemd unit on debian 8

February 7, 2016

I’m running the tiny tiny rrss webapp on my server. Last time I installed it, I used screen to daemonize the update_daemon2.php script to update the rss feeds. This time I wanted to do it right with a new systemd daemon (like suggested on the tiny tiny rss website). Sadly enough I didn’t find any debian related information how to add a new systemd unit. At last I found a community forum entry which describes this.

Beware: Maybe this is not the right way to do it ™. If you have a better idea how to manage this, please tell me!

  • Create a systemd unit file (e.g. ttrss.service) in the directory /lib/systemd/system
  • The file contains something likes this:

Description=ttrss_backend mysql.service postgresql.service



  • Create a symlink like that ln -s /lib/systemd/system/ttrss.service /etc/systemd/system/
  • Reload the systemd daemon systemctl –system daemon-reload
  • Start the systemd unit systemctl start ttrss.service

With the command systemctl status ttrss.service  you can monitor the activities of the service. It outputs something like this

ttrss.service – ttrss_backend
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ttrss.service; enabled)
Active: active (running) since Sun 2016-02-07 13:39:18 CET; 19min ago
Main PID: 948 (php)
CGroup: /system.slice/ttrss.service
└─948 php /var/www/XXXX/update_daemon2.php

Feb 07 13:57:45 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:44/1371] cache/export: removed 0 files.
Feb 07 13:57:45 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:44/1371] cache/upload: removed 0 files.
Feb 07 13:57:45 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:44/1371] Removed 0 old lock files.
Feb 07 13:57:45 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:44/1371] Removing old error log entries…
Feb 07 13:57:45 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:45/1371] Feedbrowser updated, 78 feeds processed.
Feb 07 13:57:45 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:45/1371] Purged 3 orphaned posts.
Feb 07 13:57:45 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:45/1371] Removed 0 (feeds) 0 (cats) orphaned counter cache entries.
Feb 07 13:57:46 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:46/948] [reap_children] child 1368 reaped.
Feb 07 13:57:46 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:57:46/948] [SIGCHLD] jobs left: 0
Feb 07 13:58:27 v22016013319431489 update_daemon2.php[948]: [12:58:27/948] [MASTER] active jobs: 0, next spawn at 60 sec.

But again: If you know a better way how to do this with debian, please tell me!


note to myself: compiling qt and installing as local user

February 27, 2012

I’ve decided to build kde4 trunk on my computer again. For this, one of the first steps was to get qt 4.8 running. As the debian repositories only contained qt 4.6, I had to build and instal qt for myself. I created a user named “kdedev” and a build and src directory in his home directory.

  • get the QT sources and place it under /home/kdedev/src :  git clone git://
  • Change into the result qt directory and configure qt: .configure -no-phonon -prefix <where/I/install/Qt>
  • make
  • make install

voila, you have your working qt trunk installed in the home directory of a local user account…

Where is the RSS Feed Icon in Firefox 4?

July 31, 2011

Have you ever asked yourself: Where the $&”(% is the RSS Feed Icon in Firefox 4?” I did.

By default the new RSS web feeds subscription button is not visible. To add this to the toolbar ( or navigation tool-bar as it is called in Firefox 4 ) just right-click on the toolbar and select customize. In the customize tool bar window that appears, click and drag the “Subscribe” icon to the desired location. Done.

More Details can be found on

KDE bug #243160

July 9, 2010

Today I (hopefully) start a new tradition. Presenting bugs in free software I care about (caring about the software AND the bug *g*).

I’m starting with bug #243160 in the KDE bug database.

Check for free space first when copying one file to flash memory
If you copy one file to a flash memory – file size has to be bigger than free space on flash memory – it starts copying the file and aborts only after the free space is filled up

I think it is a rather easily reproduceable bug which potentially hits a lot of people. If you want this bug to be closed, vote on it! Maybe you even have an idea how to fix the problem or where to search for the cause of it. Just comment here or even better in the kde bug database.

thx to my brother for filing the bug in the first place.

Sluggish text input in kde

July 7, 2010

I use kmail a lot and kile sometimes. Something which bothered me a lot was the sluggish text input of these two kde programs. Characters were shown with a notable delay which made writing painfully.

But  there is a workaround which solved the problem for me.

kmail –graphicssystem raster

Start the program from the console with the additional option –graphicssystem raster

More on this topic can be found in this bug entry

Yet another netbook distribution?

May 30, 2010

Maybe you have heard about MeeGo (the former moblin project). It is a project undertaken by intel and nokia to create a mobile linux distribution aimed at netbook devices (and smartphones in the future).

Now they released their 1.0 version (which is not recommended for use in production systems). Ars Technica has created an article with a lot of screenshots and an nice overview of the mobile platform. If you are interested in this subject, it is a nice read!

KDE 4.3 and KDE netbook remix

August 6, 2009

First of all I want to gratulate the KDE team for releasing their new version of KDE. Since KDE 4.2 is a pleasure to work with the software and I’m eager to try the new version.
There is also a video describing the changes in KDE 4.3 (also viewable with HTML5 or as ogg theora download ).

KDE 4.3 Desktop

KDE 4.3 Desktop

Also there is an update on the KDE netbook remix project.

(or download the ogg theora file)

KDE 4.3 plasma screencast

July 3, 2009

The KDE 4.3 Plasma screencast arrives! It’s 10:36 in length and covers some of the nice improvements we’ve in Plasmaland for 4.3

Aaron Seigo has created a screencast which can be download via bittorrent oder http.

Source: Aaron Seigos Blog

iotop: simple top-like I/O monitor

June 26, 2009

iotop is a console application for monitoring the I/O usage of processes on your system. It is especially handy for answering the question “Grrr, sloooowness, why is my disk churning so much?”
iotop is available in Debian since Lenny and in Ubuntu (universe) since Intrepid.

Source: DebianTimes

The triumph of Linux as a supercomputer OS

June 25, 2009

Operating systems on supercomputers used to be custom-made affairs, but this has changed. These days, Linux has become a popular choice for supercomputers. But how popular? You may be surprised.

19 of the top 20 supercomputers in the world are running some form of Linux. That’s 95%! And if you just look at the top 10, ALL of them use Linux.

You can read the rest of the article on pingdom.