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World Wide Web in Plain English

April 10, 2009



Short video about the history of the internet

January 6, 2009

“History of the internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to file-sharing, from arpanet to internet.
The history is told with help of the PICOL icons, which are also a part of my diploma. The icons are soon available for free on


Human Lobotomy

December 12, 2008

Inform yourself about Net Neutrality and tell everyone about it.

Southpark and the broken internet

May 3, 2008

Southpark has an episode (Season 12, episode 6) where the internet is broken. Watch their prediction how people will react and what will happen.


Miro fundraising campaign

March 28, 2008

Online video is growing rapidly, but is also facing a crisis:
A few very large sites have dominant market share and cases of corporate censorship are happening every single day. Creators are stuck.
Miro is leading the fight to ensure that video online can be open to every creator, anywhere in the world. This is truly a battle for the future of free speech and media access.

This is the situation told by the Participatory Culture Foundation which is responsible for miro (an open source/free software internet television application).

Our team cares deeply about our mission and we need to ensure that our work can continue. Two large donors have promised to commit funding if we can also build strong support from our users.
There is no more important time than right now for you to donate–we’re taking steps towards self-sustainability–in the meantime we urgently need your support.

I think its very important to have a open internet television infrastructure to allow free speech for individuals and companies alongside. NOW is the chance to establish
a form of media which is not top down driven and company centered like the established one but democratic and open for everybody!

There are also two videos which are explaining the cause of the miro software. One is with Dave Glassco – Miro Funder and the other with OK Go’s Andy Ross talking about: Why Miro Matters.

Donating for miro can be done on this page.

Participatory search engine: wikia search

January 21, 2008

Jimmy Wales, founder of the wikipedia project has launched his new project wikia search.
You can start using it under this link

At the moment it is not nearly as good as google or other search engines. At they admitting themselves

We are aware that the quality of the search results is low.

Wikia’s search engine concept is that of trusted user feedback from a community of users acting together in an open, transparent, public way. Of course, before we start, we have no user feedback data. So the results are pretty bad. But we expect them to improve rapidly in coming weeks, so please bookmark the site and return often.

But it is good to have other search engines to break the power of the almighty google.


Internet behavioral theory

January 3, 2008


Source: Penny Arcade

Miro vs. Joost

November 2, 2007

The creators of miro, the Participatory Culture Foundation have created an overview to underline the differences between joost and miro.
They also posted an article about why they think that miro is better than joost.

Why would a company like Joost want to make an internet application that’s so restrictive? Because if they are successful, they will control both creators and viewers. Creators will have to sign a contract with Joost if they want to reach Joost’s audience. Being in the middle of a transaction is a good way to make money. But building a gatekeeping system for internet TV is a terrible direction for the future of media.

In contrast, Miro is an extremely open system. The software is open-source and can be modified by anyone. Anyone can publish to Miro and nothing comes through our servers. Like a web browser, the connection happens directly between the viewer and the creator. We don’t even lock-down the content guide– anyone can create an alternative channel guide for Miro.

I’m using miro for some month now and (without having a TV set) allows me to watch series like simopsons, family guy but also films from independend media.

More about miro from me
Video: The Mission Behind Miro
Watch TV series in miro
LinkTV: Mosaic
V-Cast: Rocketboom…
The democracyplayer

Lawrence Lessig about corruption in politics…

October 15, 2007