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When the Smoke Clearz

October 23, 2008

Over the past 20 years Hip Hop has evolved from the underground “CNN of the ghetto” to the biggest game in the record business. Yet, despite its socially conscious foundation, Hip Hop is now a multi-billion dollar industry; tightly controlled by a handful of record labels, a music video monopoly, and payola-ridden corporate radio. If there was ever a need for a reformer, the time is now.


Mediawiki and Video Editing

September 10, 2008

Michael will work on adding support for video editing operations and other video-related functionality to MediaWiki, with a rich user interface built entirely on open standards like Ogg Theora. Michael’s work priorities will be coordinated between Kaltura and WMF. I am hoping that we can make incremental improvements to Wikimedia’s video capabilities that will start to become visible to users soon. 🙂

So MediaWiki does not only try to enhance standard wiki functionality but explores the possibilites of online collaborative video editing. Nice.


Shock doctrine film in ogg? Yes, sure

October 3, 2007

Yeah… you can download the shock doctrine film now in the ogg format. Hurray!

For more information, read my previous post.

Shock doctrine film in ogg? No, but soon

October 1, 2007

If you don’t know what shock doctrine is all about, read my former blog post.
Some days ago I sent a mail to the web administrator of the shock doctrine homepage.

On their film section they allow the download of the short film in wmv and mov format. The problem with these two formats, are that they are proprietary ones and thus
causing problems for people using other operating systems that microsofts and apple ones.

Now I got the answer from Debry Levy (the site admin). She will send me the video files, I will convert the film into ogg theora and sent it back. And she will upload the new
ogg theora video.

If you want to read the mail exchange read along…