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Spring into kotlin: A short video presentation

December 15, 2018

If you heard about kotlin and have some knowledge about the spring framework you might enjoy this 30 min video presentation on

Mark Heckler discusses how Kotlin can be used to reduce boilerplate and increase code quality, showing how to begin incorporating Kotlin into an existing Spring application.

Springing into Kotlin: How to Make the Magic Even More Magical


Using AOP in the Enterprise

February 29, 2008 has a video of a talk about the possible usage of AOP in enterprise applications.

Adrian Colyer discusses where Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) should be used, practical applications of AOP in enterprise situations such as Hibernate exception translation and automatic operation retry on nonfatal exceptions, and AOP mechanisms in Spring 2.5.

I think watching this one hour presentation of spring aop with the small examples enhances the understanding of this technology.


Benefits of the Spring Framework

November 12, 2007 has an article summarizing the benefits of using the Spring Framework in an enterprise environment.

The articles covers topics from JDBC, O/R mapping, transaction management over AOP, MVC and testing.


Best Practices in Spring Web Services and Java

November 6, 2007

Dr. Dobbs Portal has an interview with Arjen Poutsma, a project leader of the spring project. They are talking about how the spring web service modules can ease your development and how they should or shouldn’t be used.

When I started this whole project two years ago, it became clear to me that contract-first was best practice but nobody was doing it because it was pretty hard. The easiest way was to do the code-first approach. With Spring Web Service I tried to make the best practice an easy practice.

Build a generic typesafe DAO with Hibernate and Spring AOP

October 31, 2007

On IBM developerworks I found an interesting article about how to create a type safe data acess object implementation which is generic too.

With the adoption of Java™ 5 generics, the idea of a generic typesafe Data Access Object (DAO) implementation has become feasible. In this article, system architect Per Mellqvist presents a generic DAO implementation class based on Hibernate. He then shows you how to use Spring AOP introductions to add a typesafe interface to the class for query execution.