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Git Staging: Video about what it is, how it is used and why we need it

August 29, 2016


I read some marx and I liked it

July 26, 2010

And if you want to read some Marx: (Marxists Internet Archive00)

I thought I just wanted to pass;
Good grades were all I cared for.
My college made me take the class
More stuff for me to ignore!
But then I found out that
His theories weren’t so bad:
Labor and class combat,
What a very clever man!

I read some Marx, and I liked it;
The friend of the proletariat.
I read some Marx, just to try it;
Hope Adam Smith don’t mind it!
It felt so wrong,
It felt so right;
Men of the working class, unite!
I read some Marx, and I liked it;
I liked it!

There is a spectre hanging o’er
The face of Europe!
‘Tis communism, and it’s more
Than just a social hiccup.
A time will come soon when
The masses rise as one
To carve out their place in
The brand new poetry to come!


Marx is the man, he’s working for you;
The bourgeoisie, they just ain’t your crew.
Alienation of labor is bad,
Commodification is not a good fad.
The capitalists are greedy you see;
A shorter workday, now that’s what we need!
I’m reading some Marx, and I’m liking it;
Rise up now, proletariat!


Short video about the history of the internet

January 6, 2009

“History of the internet” is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to file-sharing, from arpanet to internet.
The history is told with help of the PICOL icons, which are also a part of my diploma. The icons are soon available for free on


Explaining Creative Commons

October 17, 2008

A new video about Creative Commons


An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

August 12, 2008

Michael Wesch, creator of the strikingly insightful videos “A Vision of Students Today” and “The Machine is Us/ing Us”, gave a presentation at the Library of Congress back in May on the anthropology of YouTube. The presentation was the third in a series called “Digital Natives,” natives being basically my and probably your generation if you’re reading this. It’s about the net and the people who grew up with a computer humming by their bed stands. Wesch delves into this phenomenon that is us—how we think and how we perceive and connect with the world differently due to the internet and new media like YouTube.


Chuck Norris out of his mind

December 2, 2007

Never knew that Chuck Norris has THIS political background..

Republican Debate reveals a lot…

December 1, 2007

Are you in favor of provoking the muslim world, the ban of homosexual people in the army, … Than you are a good republican..

(That doesn’t mean that democrats are the best choice.)

Cookie crumble contest

October 27, 2007

The cyber-law department of the Harvard university decided to start a youtube video contest about cookies (the HTTP browser ones).

Why are they doing this?

Most people know cookies as a treat best enjoyed with milk. When it comes to web cookies, however, many users want to know more:

  • What is a cookie?
  • How do cookies work?
  • How can cookies be used?
  • How is the data from cookies used with data collected in other ways, including from third parties?
  • How can cookies be misused?
  • What options does a user have to manage cookies and their use?

We want them to know more too, and we don’t think they’ll learn it from disclosure statements in 8-point type or IN ALL-CAPS. We want to foster easy-to-understand explanations and critical discussion.

At this time there are 23 videos trying to explain what cookies are, what benefit there are and where the danger lies.
I will show you my favorites distributed over future postings.. But here the first

Source: Boing Boing TV (miro link)