About Elves and Alf’s

After watching the edition Eco-Defense or Eco Terrorism? of stimulator’s It’s the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine show I informed myself more about the ELF and ALF.

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF), also known as “Elves” or “The Elves“,[1] is the collective name for anonymous and autonomous individuals or cells who, according to the now defunct ELF Press Office, use “economic sabotage and guerrilla warfare to stop the exploitation and destruction of the environment“,[2] commonly known as ecotage or monkeywrenching. [wikipedia]

While I think that non-violent actions, informing of people and mobilizing them should be the way to change the thinking of people and the rescuing of animals/environment, I think the ELF/ALF also make a point with distinguishing violence against things and violence against living creatures (human and non-human).

I found two films about the ELF and ELF available online. Both are kind of “propaganda” or better.. films which explain their ideology and actions.

A film about the ALF is available on google video.

The other one about the ELF is available as a torrent download.

At last the guidelines of ELF which summarizes their ideology

  • To inflict maximum economic damage on those profiting from the destruction and exploitation of the environment (biophysical).
  • To reveal to, and to educate the public about the atrocities committed against the earth and all species that populate it.
  • To take all necessary precautions against harming any animal – human and non-human.

Source: Stimulator.tv


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