Use blogilo with wordpress

Blogilo is a Free/Open Source Blogging client, focused on simplicity and usability.

It is a KDE program, which allows you to create a blog posting offline and submit it to your blog. Using a normal client instead of a browser can be more convenient.

I’m using wordpress with a handfull of a blogs and discovered a problem with blogilo: It only allows me to submit postings to my primary wordpress blog. For everyone who has the same problem, there is an easy solution

BTW, To get out of this problem, You can set as your blog url and try! It will fetch all of your blogs, and you can select which one you want!


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3 Responses to “Use blogilo with wordpress”

  1. vzades Says:

    I have tried this this but i am not able to add my sub-domain can tell me how you have done this

  2. stefon Says:

    @vzades whats your problem? did you try to follow the instructions from ?

  3. Sudar Says:

    This is one of the decent editor available for ubunut. But sadly it doesn’t support WordPress pages, which is very importance for me 😦

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