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September 6, 2014

Creating software is not only about hacking alone for hours and creating the “perfect” solution. It should always be about sharing inside into how creating elegant and maintainable code. But what a lot of software developer will experience is that discussing about code, trying to argue about how to code with fellow software developers at work is often impossible (for a number of reasons). So should you despair? If you are intererested in this kind of thing, there is a new (maybe just for me) website/community for something exactly like this: Creating code and talk about shortcomings or clever solutions. It’s called And it’s stated mission sounds like that:

  • There is immense value in comments and critiques of your code by your peers.
  • You grow and improve your ability to write code by reading others’ code and commenting on it.
  • As a better coder you help to improve the world of software development

This is the essence of Exercism.

Exercism is your place to engage in thoughtful conversations about code. Explore simplicity, idiomatic language features, and expressive readable code.

I’ve already created some javascript code and got some really good nitpicks, which is another way to say that I got good criticism in the form of suggestion and questions about how I created the code the way I did.

Why I like that far: 
  • Easy to start
  • Tons of supported languages (Javascript, Python, c#, Go, Lua, …)
  • A nice command line interface program to let you automatically submit you code
  • A focus on TDD (test driven development)