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How to be the perfect lady

February 12, 2009

Target Women is a recurring segment on Current TV’s weekly television show, infoMania. In each episode of Target Women, Sarah Haskins takes a look at the often-ridiculous way the media reaches out to women.

Watch the video and learn How To Be The Perfect Lady.



Human Lobotomy

December 12, 2008

Inform yourself about Net Neutrality and tell everyone about it.

The(Girl) Geek Stands Alone

December 11, 2008

Imagine this scene from a comedy: a group of female friends sit around smoking a bowl and working on the Wikipedia page for Lord of the Rings. Their fashion sense is decidedly iconoclastic and several sport thick-rimmed glasses. Without a trace of self-consciousness, they have a hilariously ribald discussion on the relative traits of elves and orcs.

Awesome as it is, you’ll never see this scene onscreen. No mainstream movie or TV series would dare group so many female nerds together, or celebrate them so unabashedly.

The story is not the same for dorks with Y chromosomes, who are have recently ascended to It-boy status thanks to the success of a clutch of slacker-themed movies and the TV series Beauty and the Geek. Two new TV shows, Chuck and The Big Bang Theory, also feature geek-boy main characters paired (platonically, for the time being) with hot women. More than ever before, a man with an mind for useless trivia and a socially inept posse can charm nubile women and audiences alike.

A essay criticizing the role of geek women in media and in real world. Focusing on the reasons why geek men are getting fame and female geeks aren’t that popular.

Source: Sarah Seltzer

Whats Social Media?

June 1, 2008

Let’s explain Social Media in Plain English


Citizen Journalism

May 2, 2008 interviewed Bicyclemark about Citizen Journalism. About the hurdles it faces and what it could be.


Miro fundraising campaign

March 28, 2008

Online video is growing rapidly, but is also facing a crisis:
A few very large sites have dominant market share and cases of corporate censorship are happening every single day. Creators are stuck.
Miro is leading the fight to ensure that video online can be open to every creator, anywhere in the world. This is truly a battle for the future of free speech and media access.

This is the situation told by the Participatory Culture Foundation which is responsible for miro (an open source/free software internet television application).

Our team cares deeply about our mission and we need to ensure that our work can continue. Two large donors have promised to commit funding if we can also build strong support from our users.
There is no more important time than right now for you to donate–we’re taking steps towards self-sustainability–in the meantime we urgently need your support.

I think its very important to have a open internet television infrastructure to allow free speech for individuals and companies alongside. NOW is the chance to establish
a form of media which is not top down driven and company centered like the established one but democratic and open for everybody!

There are also two videos which are explaining the cause of the miro software. One is with Dave Glassco – Miro Funder and the other with OK Go’s Andy Ross talking about: Why Miro Matters.

Donating for miro can be done on this page.

H.P. Lovecraft for free

January 22, 2008

Some of you may know H.P. Lovecraft. Now his books are freely available thx to the concept of public domain.
You can download his books on

Browse through the most popular titles, recommendations, or recent reviews from our visitors. Perhaps you’ll find something interesting in the special collections. There are 19,546 eBooks available here and they’re all free!

As states it

With the advent of more ebook reading devices, sites like are providing a useful service in transforming digital materials into a variety of electronic formats that can be read by several different ebook readers and mobile devices. All of the 19,000+ ebooks on Manybooks are available for free. Many works are originally sourced from Project Gutenberg, a longstanding project to release books in the public domain as digital texts.


Cinema 2.0

January 9, 2008

More and more independent films are showing that “open source” movies can be created and can have success.

This youtube video shows parts of the footage of a film called The Tracey Fragment. The creators decided to publish ALL their footage to allow other people build on their work (under a BY-NC-SA licence License)

Also Steal this Film 2 was released earlier this year. This film is released into the public domains (so you can do everything you want with it).
There is also Elephant Dreams, a computer generated short film. You can download it and it’s footage.

Find more about this topic on the CreativeCommons Website.

It’s Our Web

December 6, 2007

freespeech,org has released a video under the BY-NC-SA CC license showing how corporations are trying to restrict our use of the web and
make it a read only one


… Finally, after 50 years of television broadcasting, there now exists a national television channel that reflects the diversity of our society, provides perspectives that are under-represented or ignored by the mainstream media, and shines a national spotlight on engaged citizens working for progressive social change. …

More Information about the issue of the video


Republican Debate reveals a lot…

December 1, 2007

Are you in favor of provoking the muslim world, the ban of homosexual people in the army, … Than you are a good republican..

(That doesn’t mean that democrats are the best choice.)